Our Story

Melanie's passion for cooking started as a hobby in her home kitchen. She would often prepare fresh, healthy meals for her husband, who would rave about the delicious flavors and unique combinations of ingredients.

As word got out about Melanie's delicious meals, she began receiving requests from friends and family to prepare meals for them too. Before she knew it, Melanie was cooking for a small group of people in her community.

Melanie's meals quickly gained popularity, and she was soon approached by local gyms to provide healthy meal options for their members. With a growing demand for her meals, Melanie decided to turn her passion for cooking into a business.

At our meal prep company, we offer a wide variety of fresh, organic, and locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious meals for our customers. From lemon/rosemary chicken to ginger soy tofu, our protein options cater to all dietary needs, including plant-based proteins. Our side veggies range from mushrooms to asparagus, while our carb options include garlic white rice and quinoa parsnip butternut squash. We also offer paleo carb options, such as sweet potatoes and yucca. Our meals are conveniently delivered each week, and we are quickly expanding to multiple locations to better serve our customers. Trust us to provide you with healthy and delicious meals that will fuel your body and keep you satisfied.

Today, Melanie's meal prep service delivers organic, fresh meals weekly throughout the Ventura County area. Her recipes continue to impress customers with their unique flavors and nutritious ingredients. Melanie takes pride in providing a healthy, convenient meal option for her customers, and her passion for cooking continues to inspire her business every day.