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Chipotle Fuego Lavita Salsa 12 OZ

Chipotle Fuego Lavita Salsa 12 OZ

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If you love chipotle peppers/flavor this salsa is a slow roasted Salsa that brings out the most delicious taste of chipotle. You'll experience a smoky heat that bring out the best chipotle flavor it is meidum heat enough to give a kick yet rich and creamy but not irritant. Top on your favorite meal prep and enjoy this distinct flavor that adds to your food and makes it so much more flavorful you can also use this as a marinade. 
Enjoy warmed up with food, room temperature, or cold!

Ingredients: roasted tomatoes, tomatillos, chipotle peppers, onion, garlic, cilantro, olive oil, sea salt, spices

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